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Parish Council Election Thursday 2 May 2019 
Make a Difference to Galleywood - Stand as a Parish Councillor
A Parish Council is the first tier of Local Government and is the statutory authority responsible for your
community in partnership with others
Get involved with your comminity
Have a say about the local issues people care about
Influence the way local services are provided
Decide on how local money is spent to improve your community
What you need to be a Parish Councillor is
Time to care for your community
A willlingness to represent others
A desire to make a difference
Be over 18 years of age
Have lived or worked in the village for more than one year
For a nomination pack -
Further information is available from Chelmsford City Council Electoral Services
01245 606449
The application deadline is 4pm, Wednesday 3 April 2019.
Election leaflets
What is a Parish Council? click  HERE
Who Can Stand for Election? click HERE
Do Councillors Need Special Skills to stand for Election? click HERE
Why Should I Vote?
Choose who should represent your community
To influence planning, reduce the fear of crime, have a say in the provision of recreational and youth facilities
Decide on how public money is spent and on what
Get the best Council possible

There are no current elections.