Report, Complement or Complain

What the Parish Council is responsible for:
Contact the Clerk to Galleywood Parish Council, Telephone: 01245 358898 or e-mail:
       Speed Warning Signs
       Public Conveniences in Watchouse Road
       Defibrillators at the Keene Hall and Co-op store in Barnard Road
       War Memorial at the Keene Hall
       Notice boards
       The Village book swap
       The Village Pump
       Litter Bins
       Dog foul Bins
       Bus Shelters 
       Open spaces: The Green at Pipers Tye, Twitten Green, The Spinney, Land adjacent to the Public Conveniences.
       The Parish Office (The Keene Hall is a separate Charity)

You can report the following directly using the self-reporting forms using the links below (keep a note of the referance number provided:
What the Parish Council does not do:
        Essex County Council 
Highways (Report a Highways problem) - (Track a problem) Essex Highways emergency number 0345 603 7631
Street Lighting
                       Other Problems
                       Public Footpaths
        Chelmsford City Council (Report a problem)
Rubbish collection and recycling
                       Fly tipping
                       Problems on Galleywood Common

The Parish Council monitor incidents within the Parish boundary reported through the Essex County Council online service.  The monitoring we carry out prevents the Parish Council duplicating reports and allows us to track problems in the Parish on behalf of residents.

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