How can I comment on a Planning Application

Comment on a Planning Application

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  How can I comment on a planning application

What can I comment on in a planning application?

Planning applications are submitted to the Chelmsford City Council Planning Department who consult Galleywood Parish Council on each application in the parished area. This consultation power has been delegated to the Planning and Highways Committee who provide comments based on local knowledge or circumstances, information which may not be available to the planning officers. 

You can comment in support or objection to any proposal which is currently in the consultation period. You should comment directly on the City Council Planning Portal where your comments will be properly recorded and reported. Additionally you can come in person to a Planning and Highways Committee meeting, which are open to the public, and let us know your views which will be taken into consideration when the Parish council provides its comments. 

All comments including the comments from the Parish Council will be reviewed by a City Council Planning Officer. However, only planning matters will factor into whether or not permission is granted.

Planning matters include


  • The size and scale of the proposal
  • The proposal being overbearing/overshadowing
  • The design and appearance of the proposal
  • Loss of privacy or increased overlooking
  • Impact on traffic and parking
  • The possibility of more noise and disturbance
  • Impact on trees, landscape or existing buildings


‚ÄčThe following do not qualify as planning matters


  • Property value
  • Loss of a view
  • Land ownership disputes
  • Preference for alternative development
  • Competition for existing business
  • Personal circumstances of the applicant

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