The Parish Office Services

The Parish office is located in the Keene Hall. The office is manned by the Clerk and the Deputy Clerk each morning. 

The Office provides the following Services

  1. The parish office has the following supplies which may be collected from the office:
    • Dog waste Bags
    • Additional copies of the Grapevine Magazine
  2. The Parish Office provides a free wireless internet network for visitors to the Keene Hall.
  3. The Clerk at the Parish office calls meeting of the Councellors when necessary (by means of a summons). and publishes notices on the public notice boards and on the Parish Council website.
  4. The Clerks process emails, letters, complaints and reports of problems in the Parish then pass and monitor work carried out to resolve these.
  5. The Clerks receive consultation requests from outside bodies and post the consultation responses determined in council meetings.
  6. The Parish Council Office publishes the Parish Council magazine Grapevine

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