Open Spaces - Placing Wildlife at the heart of the Parish

Greening Galleywood put wildlife at the heart of the parish - started in 2006 and with a ten year plan from 2009-2019 it continues to drive the management of open spaces in the village. A new plan to seamlessly emerge from the current ten year plan in 2019 aims to continue to grow on the aims of the first Greening Galleywood programme. Galleywood Parish Council is looking for assistance, can you help to sustain this project?  Contact the Clerk to Galleywood Parish Council, Telephone:- 01245 358898 or e-mail

St Michael's Churchyard

Mill Pond

Galleywood Heritage Centre

Marven's Pond

Twitten Green

Galleywood Brook

Grove Wood

The Spinney

Bridleway 29

Galleywood Infants School

Pyms Road

Chelmer Park

Jubilee Park

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