Childrens Play areas

The play areas in the village are owned and maintained by the Chelmsford City Council:

  • Chelmer Park 
    (off Behive Lane

    - CM2 8RL)
  • Jubilee Park 
    (off Watchouse Road
    - CM2 8NQ)
  • Pavitt Meadow
    (off Rignals Lane
    - CM2 8RQ)


  • Home Mead (off Barnard Road - CM2 8WA)

  Open spaces

Galleywood Parish Council owns or maintains a number of open spaces across the village. There are also a variety of Interpretation and information boards, many installed as part of the Greening Galleywood Project..

The Green at Pipers Tye is Common Land (CL100) remains subject to protection unders Section 9 of the Act of 1965 and is now maintained by the Parish Council. One of the Village Signs is positioned on the Green which also houses a replica water pump and the red Telephone box which houses the free book loan facility. The grass on the Green is cut by the Parish Council under contract and the trees maintained.

Twitten Green is owned and maintained by the Parish Council. The green forms a wild meadow formed in 2009 as part of the Greening Galleywood project. The fences, hedges and trees are maintained by the Parish Council.

The Spinney to the west of the parish houses a pond and a dipping platform.

The Galleywood Common and nature reserve (CM2 8JU) is owned and maintained by the Chelmsford City CouncilThe Common was registered as a common in 1967 and confirmed as a Local Nature Reserve in July 1993. It comprises areas of heathland, mire, grassland, woodland and ponds and this diversity of habitats makes The Common one of the most significant areas of semi-natural lowland heath vegetation not only in Galleywood but across Essex.

Verges, trees and Greens

The trees and verges in Galleywood are maintained by the Essex County Council. Trees or vegetation which are encroaching upon or impeding safe use of a footpath or road should be reported through the Highways fault reporting page.

Other than those above most of the other greens are maintained by CHP as follows: 

  • Grass on communal areas will be checked by CHP every 14 days from April to October and works required carried out ( subject to weather and bank holidays)
  • Shrub beds to be neat and tidy and not obstructing doors, windows and paths
  • Hedges to be trimmed twice a year. Winter works to include edging, drying areas, car parks and shrub beds. Works to be carried out November to March
  • Leaves, moss and weeds to be removed or treated where required
  • Litter to be removed at each visit

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