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  Councillors Interests

Details of Members' Interests can be found on the Chelmsford City Council website or on the left sidebar below.

Members of The Galleywood Parish Council, have to submit a declaration of interest form where they have a disclosable financial interest as defined by the Government and certain other categories of interests that have been agreed by the Councillors. Councillors are required to complete a form when they become elected or within 28 days of a matter being discussed at a council meeting in which they have an interest.

All the categories of interest that must be declared are set out on the form.

Councillors  must declare all interests they have under any of the categories in the Councillors Code of Conduct.

Councillors must disclose these interests immediately after they are elected and whenever they are involved in taking a decision at the Council that may affect these interests. They must also notify the Clerk, so that they can be added to the Register of Members Interests.

If a Councillor has a registerable interest when can’t they speak or vote?

This depends on what type of interest it is.  If the Councillor has an interest under the Code, other than a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest as described in the Annex to the Code,  they are entitled to debate and vote on the issue.

If it is a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest, the Councillor cannot debate or vote on the  item and must leave the debating chamber while it is being discussed.  The only exception to this rule is if a Councillor has been granted a dispensation to speak and vote on the item.

What are Dispensations?

Where a Councillor has a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in an issue being discussed, they can only debate and vote on it where a general or specific dispensation has been granted.  

Please contact the Parish Council’s clerk if you have any queries regarding their procedure. 

General and Specific Dispensations for Councillors

Where a dispensation has been granted to a large number of Councillors you can find out what they cover by contacting the Parish Council’s clerk.  Dispensations granted to individual councillors have been included on the Register of Interests.

Where a Parish Clerk has notified the Monitoring Officer of a dispensation, these are also included in the Register of Interests.

If you think your Councillor has failed to declare an interest and you wish to make a complaint, please refer to the Complaints against Councillors page or contact the Parish Council’s clerk..

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