Publication Scheme

  1. Who we are and what we do
  2. What we spend
  3. Priorities - how we are doing
  4. How we make decisions
  5. Our policies and procedures
  6. Lists and Registers
  7. The services we offer

Additional Information

Key Parish Documents


  Key Parish Council Documents

Key Parish Council Documents

  1. Standing orders and financial regulations
  2. Code of Conduct and a link to councillors’ registers of interests
  3. Publication scheme
  4. Last Annual Return
  5. Transparent information about Council payments (Income and expenditure reports are published monthly)
  6. A calendar of all meetings including the annual meeting of electors
  7. Minutes for at least one year of Full Council meetings and the committees;  Finance & Resources, Planning & Highways, Personnel.
  8. The current agendas for upcoming meetings are available on the homepage and past agendas are available with the minutes.
  9. The budget and precept information for the current or next financial year
  10. Complaints procedure
  11. Council contact details are on the home page and councillor information in line with the Transparency Code
  12. Action plan for the current year
  13. Evidence of consulting the community
  14. Publicity advertising council activities is to be found in the online blog and the published newsletter
  15. Evidence of participating in town and country planning

The council has the following additional documents that are not necessarily available for public inspection:

  1. The Risk Management Scheme
  2. The Register of Assets
  3. Contracts for all members of staff 
  4. Up-to-date insurance policies that mitigate risks to public money
  5. Disciplinary and Grievance procedures
  6. Policy for training new staff and councillors
  7. The Record of all training undertaken by staff and councillors in the last year
  8. The Clerk achievement of 12 CPD points in the last year

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