Galleywood Parish Council - Jobs



Galleywood Parish Council seeks to appoint staff from time to time for the Council's day to day operations whilst helping develop and implement its future growth strategy and associated annual and five year plans. The advertised roles are for either full time or part time positions and can include attendance at evening meetings.

There are no current vacancies at Galleywood Parish Council.-

We offer a wide range of benefits to our employees.

Training and development

We are committed to employee development, to make sure we are able to meet the needs and expectations of people who live, work and visit Galleywood.

We provide a variety of training and development opportunities, and encourage our employees to get involved with Parish Council events. This includes training sessions, information seminars and self development oportunities.

Work-life balance

Most of our roles allow for flexibility over the working day. You are able to start and finish your day to suit your needs, as long as you also meet the needs of the Parish Council.

Annual leave

We offer a generous annual leave allowance, for permanent staff including bank holidays. This depends on your job, grade and the length of time you have worked with us.


All of our employees are entitled to join the Local Government Pension Scheme, a contributory scheme with staff contributing a percentage of their annual salary.


To help with travel to and at work, we offer:

  • free car parking
  • reimbursement for petrol if car travel is a job requirement.

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