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In 2015 a health and safety assessment revealed that an elderly Willow at Pipers Tye was at risk and on 4 August 2015 Essex County Council took the decision to swiftly remove the tree.

Galleywood Parish Council undertook a consultation exercise with parishioners as to whether or not the tree should be replaced.  This culminated in a vote being taken at the Annual Parish Forum at the Galleywood Heritage Centre in 2016.  The majority of parishioners present voted against a replacement tree being planted.

We have now received a new request from a parishioner for consideration to be given to the planting of a Japanese Flowering Cherry (Prunus Kanzan) at Pipers Tye, and we are therefore relaunching the consultation to parishioners.  We are keen to hear your views so that a balanced and fair decision can be taken.  Please send your comments to the Clerk by email or telephone 01245 358898.

The consultation period will close on 11 August 2017, and the matter will be placed on the Council Agenda 4 September 2017.

Public Information - Installation of Doggy Bag Collection Point - Arnold Way and Sharpington Close

The Consultation process closed on 7 June 2017 for the installation of one Doggy Bag Collection Point at either Sharpington Close of Arnold Way.  The recommendation of the Planning and Highways Committee to install the point in Arnold Way will be tabled at the Full Council Meeting to be held on 3 July 2017. 

Public Information - Parking - Arnold Way and Sharpington Close

Further to an action taken at the Planning and Highways Committee held on 11 April 2017 the Parish Council has now written to the South East Parking Partnership seeking assistance in the matter of on street parking at the above locations.  SEPP have been requested to raise the profile of the parking problem within the area, monitor the activity and seek any evidence of any displacement parking as a result of the parking restrictions placed on Jubilee Park.

Public Notice - Newsletter Circulation - Land at 'Bechers'

It has been brought to the attention of the Parish Council that a Newsletter has been received by many residents on 11 April 2017 regarding a proposed development on Land at 'Bechers' to the rear of Barn Mead.  The Developers are preparing an Outline planning application on the 1.2 hectare (3 acre site) for approximately 60 units.  The Parish Planning and Highways Committee will table the item for public discussion when the application has been formally advised as having been received by Chelmsford City Council and forwarded to the Parish for consultation.

Public Notice - Essex County Council (Various Roads, Chelmsford Road) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic and Clearway) (No 1) Order 2017

Notice is hereby given that the Essex County Council intends, not less than seven days from the date of this notice to make the above Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

Effect of the Order: To temporarily close the various lengths of road in the Chelmsford district as specified in Schedule 1 and to temporarily enforce a 'No Stopping' restriction will be introduced on both sides of carriageway on the lengths of road for the duration of the closure to facilitate the works.  Signs will be installed indicating when the No Stopping restriction will be in force.

For all enquiries please call 0345 603 7631 

Horse and Groom Lane - from its junction with Goat Hall Lane to its junction with Bekeswell Lane - a distance of 449m

Ponds Road - from its junction with B1007 Stock Road to its junction with Lower Green, a distance of approx 382m

Rous Chase - from its junction with Pyne Gate to end of carriageway, a distance of approx 151m

Avila Chase - from its junction with Pyne Gate to a point approx 63m West

Pyne Gate - from its junction with Ponds Road to a point approx 381m South

Milligans Chase - from its junction with Pyne Gate to a point approx 87m North/East

Colvin Chase - from its junction with Pyne Gate to a point approx 85m South/East

The Street/Twitten Green - from The Street's junction with Watchouse Road to its junction with Ponds Road, a distance of approx 350m

The Order will come into effect on 1 April 2017 and may continue in force for 18 months or until the works have been completed, whichever is earlier

Dated 22.03.17

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