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Residents Survey - closed questions results 

  Galleywood Vision Plan - Started in April 2012

Galleywood Vision, was a two year project commissioned by Galleywood Parish Council and completed in April 2012 to create a village plan.   The detailed work was carried out by a volunteer group of local residents. Financial support was provided by the Parish and County Councils with technical expertise coming from the Rural Community Council of Essex.

An extensive survey of residents was completed during early 2011 (response rate 25% of adult population) and this was supplemented by more focussed research covering local businesses, clubs, volunteer groups and local schools. The results confirmed how attractive Galleywood is as a place to live, although as was discovered through the work and three workshops later that year, the residents had some good ideas about how the village could be made an even better. The full report – Galleywood Vision Plan and supporting Appendices – explain the project background, records the survey results and goes on to make a number of recommendations based on the responses. The report and appendices are available here on the lower left in electronic form, as is a shorter summary Supplement which was delivered to all residents.

At the Annual Parish Meeting on 12th April 2012 the report was adopted by Galleywood Parish Council. Decisions on how to take forward individual recommendations were be made by the Parish Council taking into account that in many cases making them work will require actions by other organisations from the public, private or voluntary sectors.The plan continues to inform decisions made by the Parish Council.

Any questions about how to undertake such future projects should be directed to the Rural Community Council of Essex who provide support for Community Planning activities across the county.

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