Finance and Budgets

Where the money comes from

Galleywood Parish Council is funded by the Precept, a local tax that is collected by Chelmsford City Council at the same time it collects the council tax money for Essex County Council, the Police and the Fire Service.

The Parish Council precepts annually, and this money goes to provide services and facilities in the Village.

 Precept year

GPC Precept


Band D charge in the

Chelmsford City Council Tax


Band D
in England

2016 - 2017 £100,781 Band D £44.55 2.44% increase £54.21
2017 - 2018 £99,377 Band D £47.79 1.40% decrease  
2018 - 2019 £100,287 Band D £47.77 0.92% increase  
2019 - 2020 £103,401 Band D £49.25 3.11% increase  


Where the money goes

You can see more information about how this money is spent by clicking on the tabs above.

The Parish Council spends your money providing the Facilities and Services shown on this website.

The Parish Council constantly reviews the expenditure it makes on the Facilities and Services it provides and is keen to receive requests or comments from the residents of Galleywood by email or by attendance at one of our meetings which are open to the public.

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