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  Annual Return and Audits

The council is required to produce an annual return that summarises their financial position and confirms that they have complied with the governance requirements that define good management practice. Click on the links below to see the returns for each year.


Published annual returns and audit reports

Audit Notice 2015-16

Audit Notice 2016-17

Completion of Audit Notice 2016 17

Annual return 2016/17 Including Audit report 2017
Annual return 2015-16 Including Audit report 2016 
Annual return 2014-15 Including Audit report 2015
Annual return 2013-14 Including Audit report 2014
Annual return 2012-13 Including Audit report 2013
Annual return 2011-12 Including Audit report 2012
Annual return 2010-11 Including Audit report 2011


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