Annual Parish Meeting

It is a statutory function of a local council to hold an Annual Parish meeting. This is a community meeting made up of the local government electors in the parish and the purpose of the meeting is to discuss 'parish affairs'. This can be any issue or topic that specifically affects the parish or community area. The meeting helps to engage residents with the Parish Council. The meeting is called by the Chairman of the Council and is held between 1 March and 1 June each year after 6pm. This is to encourage a large attendance to get the maximum benefit from the meeting.

29 March 2018 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda
29 March 2018 Annual Parish Meeting Draft Minutes

The 32nd Annual Parish Meeting is to be held on Thursday 30 May 2019 at the Keene Hall, Watchouse Road.
Doors open at 6pm with displays from local organisations and groups. Refreshments also being served.
The main meeting starts at 7pm
Speakers are Essex Air Ambulance and Citizens Advice Bureau.
Chairman of the Parish Council with an overview of the Council's activities during the past year.

If you would like a stall/stand at the event please contact the Parish Clerk 01245 358898 or








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