Publication Scheme

  1. Who we are and what we do
  2. What we spend
  3. Priorities - how we are doing
  4. How we make decisions
  5. Our policies and procedures
  6. Lists and Registers
  7. The services we offer

Additional Information

Key Parish Documents


  7 - The services we offer

Class 7 – The services we offer

(Information about the services we offer, including leaflets, guidance and newsletters produced for the public and businesses)

Current information only

Website or hard copy; some information may only be available by inspection


Not Applicable

Burial grounds and closed churchyards

Not Applicable

Community centres and village halls

Not Applicable 

Footpaths Map  
Galleywood Grapevine magazine (published quaterly)  

Parks, playing fields and recreational facilities


Seating, litter bins, clocks, memorials and lighting


Litter bins



Bus shelters

Bus shelters

Public conveniences

Public conveniences

Services for which the council is entitled to recover a fee, together with those fees (e.g. burial fees)



Parish Event Youth

Parish Event Elderly




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