Publication Scheme

  1. Who we are and what we do
  2. What we spend
  3. Priorities - how we are doing
  4. How we make decisions
  5. Our policies and procedures
  6. Lists and Registers
  7. The services we offer

Additional Information

Key Parish Documents


  6 - Lists and Registers

Class 6 – Lists and Registers

Currently maintained lists and registers only

(hard copy or website; some information may only be available by inspection)

Any publicly available register or list (if any are held this should be publicised; in most circumstances existing access provisions will suffice)


Assets register

Assets register

Disclosure log (indicating the information that has been provided in response to requests; recommended as good practice, but may not be held by parish councils)

Not Applicable

Register of members’ interests

Members Interests

Register of gifts and hospitality

Members Interests



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