2015-2016 Events

2015-2016 Parish Year - Notable Events

Keene Hall defibrillator intallation

Defibrillator training

Our five noticeboards – KH foyer, exterior KH, Village Shops, Bus Shelter, Barnard Road

New bus shelter in Watchouse Road by Arnold Way

Galleywood Public Conveniences

Galleywood Festival

Remembrance Day

Pipers Tye “The Green” (I have couple on stick showing before and after the tree was taken down), but could do with one of Twitten Green to demonstrate that we pay for grass cutting.

Grapevine Magazine Award and winning Certificate – I will double check with RCCE

Five Village gateways

Councillors Visit Buckingham Palace

Best Kept Village

New Ywars day Walk

New Year’s Day Walk 2016

On New Years Day 40 walkers gathered at Galleywood Heritage Centre for the annual New Year’s Day walk.    After mulled wine they walked 5 miles to Great Baddow and back via some of the quieter roads and footpaths.   On return to the Centre, warming soup and hot rolls were enjoyed in the tea room.    The next walk will be on Monday 2 May 2016

Youth Christmas Dinner

Senior Citizens Christmas Luncheon


On Sunday 5 July 2015 Galleywood parishioners opened their gardens in aid of Farleigh Hospice.    Alan and Shirley Thomas write “The day started damp, but cleared very soon and we had over 180 visitors on what turned out to be a lovely summer's afternoon garden party. We sold over 250 plants, made up from some 50 different species, or varieties,  The same plants all featured somewhere in our garden, so we  challenged some people to try to find them all in our garden.  Most of those sold had been raised as cuttings, or divisions from the garden plants and were sold at low prices.  With the money going to Farleigh Hospice everybody was benefiting.  A thoroughly enjoyable day, with lots of very friendly visitors and we raised some useful money for Farleigh Hospice at the same time”.

Essex villages participating in the Open Gardens event is growing each year so why not consider taking part in 2016?     Not only are there beautiful back gardens in Galleywood but also many attractive front gardens that visitors will enjoy viewing.     You can simply open your front gate to the village and welcome visitors to your garden, or if you are really ambitious have a go at serving refreshments and selling plants like Alan and Shirley!     For more information contact the Clerk on 01245 358898 or Farleigh Hospice on 01245 457408 or fundraising@farleighhospice.org.

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